COVID-19 Phase II Class Schedule for Yamasaki Academy



As you know, things will not be able to return to normal right away. We are implementing procedures to make our return to training is safe. We’ll adjust as needed and most likely adding more classes very soon!



See schedule for Rockville, Maryland (Headquarters)

See schedule for Springfield, VA


· Do not attend class if you have ANY symptoms of being sick.
· Do not attend class if you have been around anyone who is sick.
· A mask is required to attend class.
· Take a shower directly before class.
· Brush your teeth directly before class.
· Trim your nails before class.
· Make sure your gi and your training gear are clean before attending class.
· Bring an extra pair of clean and disinfected sandals to ONLY be worn inside the academy.


CLEANING: You will notice that our temporary schedule has 30 minute breaks in-between each class. We will be cleaning and disinfecting the mats, bathrooms, and high touch surfaces in-between every class. The academy will also be cleaned thoroughly every day before classes begin. We will be using Lysol and Clorox bleach (anti-viral) to make sure everything is properly disinfected.


CLASS SCHEDULE INFORMATION: For a temporary period of time we will have strict procedures for returning to class. Each student must register online and sign a COVID-specific waiver, which will be within the class registration process. Each student may sign up for a maximum of 3 classes per week. The reason for this is because the class sizes will be limited to 10 students per class and we want to give everyone a chance to attend class. We want to emphasize that this class format is for a temporary period of time. We will be constantly evaluating and making progress towards getting back to normal! There will be no walk-ins; NO exceptions. To attend class, you must register online.


As you take a look at our temporary schedule, you will notice that we have two classes in a row for some of our busiest classes. This is so we can accommodate as many students as possible while still remaining a safe distance from others. For now, we will not be switching partners during class at all – your partner will be your only partner for the duration of class. We ask that you bring a partner from your household OR a partner who is already a student who you trust, and would like to train with. If you do not have a partner, please let us know and we will help.


This initial process will require you to follow certain steps in order to attend classes or to have your child/children attending class. NO ONE can attend classes without reserving a spot. NO EXCEPTIONS!!


First, you must be wearing a mask. Upon arriving at the academy, please wear your normal shoes from your vehicle to the front door (please bring a bag for your shoes or hand them to your parents). When you arrive at the door, please change into your sandals that will only be worn inside the academy! Your temperature will be taken upon entry, then you will take your sandals off and step directly on the mat and sanitize your hands. You and your partner will be directed to your designated training area and wait for class to begin. You and your partner must bring a bottle for your water, wear a mask. You and your partner will remain in this training area for the duration of class. After class, you will leave the academy immediately to give the instructors time to clean and disinfect the academy before the next class.






Q: How do I register for classes online?
A: The account holder of the membership will receive an email asking to reset your password with our account on Zen Planner. This is how you’ll get access to our schedule posted online in order to choose the class you want to attend and be able to reserve your spot.
Registrations for classes will open 1 day before your desired time slot.
You can go ahead and get the application on your phone (Zen Planner for members) or you can access the calendar page with your computer.


ATTENTION: If you have 1 account for multiple people you must reach out to Prof. Neto, by email (, with all member’s full names and account holder’s full name to get access to multiple log-ins and class reservations. Your email (the one you gave us when purchasing your membership) is part of your log-in process, so make sure we have your correct address. This process will be required for our Rockville and Springfield locations. Any questions, please get in touch with Prof. Neto, by email:

Q: The registration system only shows 5 spots – I thought class was for 10 people?
A: The registration system shows 5 spots because each of those spots is for two people – your spot includes you and whoever you choose as your partner.


Q: What if the person you would like to bring from your household is not a member of Yamasaki or Sport Judo?
A: Your household member, who is not a current student, or your trusted partner is welcome to take our classes at no extra charge if you need a partner! Your household member will need to sign a waiver upon arriving at the academy before stepping on the mat. Your household member MUST have a valid ID with them. If your household member is a child, they MUST have a parent or legal guardian with them, who has a valid ID. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.


Q: What if I have an unlimited class membership?
A: During Phase 2, while we are only able to have a limited class size, students will only be able to sign up for 3 classes per week. This is temporary and we are looking forward to returning to our normal format as soon as possible.


Q: What if I am a Yamasaki member from a different location- may I come to train in Springfield? – What if I signed up for an unlimited location membership?
A: During Phase 2, only Springfield members, who purchased their original membership at the Springfield location, will be allowed to train in Springfield. There will not be any cross-training from different locations allowed. Please understand that this is for safety reasons and will only be temporary.


Q: May I cross-train between BJJ, Judo, and Muay Thai, if my regular classes are full?
A: Yes! You may take this opportunity to attend classes from other programs if you would like.


Q: Will the locker rooms be open?
A: We HIGHLY encourage students to come in their gi pants and rash guard/t-shirt, and bring their gi top and belt to throw on once they are on the mat. The locker rooms will be open on an as-needed basis only. Only 2 people will be allowed in the locker room at a time. This is why we highly encourage you to come to the academy ready to train! If too many students need to use the locker room this will cause a delay.


Q: Will the bathrooms be open?
A: Yes, the bathrooms are open. The bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected in-between every class.


Q: Will the spectator area be available to watch class or sit and wait for a student who is training?
A: No, the spectator area will NOT be available. We will have that area completely closed. We are limiting the number of people in the academy to only 10 students, plus the instructors. This is to limit unnecessary contact and be as safe as possible.


Q: Will the parents be able to wait for their children inside of the academy?
A: No, the spectator area with the chairs will be closed. Parents will be dropping their children off at the front door of the academy and may wait in their cars. We also highly recommend Swiss Bakery in the shopping center on Port Royal Road on Saturdays!! (This is not sponsored by Swiss Bakery, we just like them!)


If you have any questions about your existing membership, just email us at


We can’t wait to be back on the mats with all of you! Thank you again for your support and understanding as we navigate our re-opening.
Yamasaki Academy offers the highest level of technique, discipline, student safety and expert instruction in the Washington, DC area. As the Yamasaki Academy has grown, each location is home to American-born Black Belts, certified in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and passionate about sharing all that they’ve learned with their students.


The Yamasaki Academy has an excellent staff with many years of teaching and competition experience, including Mario Yamasaki, a 4th Degree Black Belt, Fernando Yamasaki, a 6th Degree Black Belt and Francisco Neto, a 4rd Degree Black Belt. All three instructors are from Sao Paulo, Brazil.