Due to the leaking on the roof the BJJ CLASSES ARE CANCELLED TODAY!!!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: Sean's 5:30 and 6:30 Fundamentals Classes will still be held.

In 2 days.

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We were very happy to find out that one of our sponsored athletes, Raphael Caicedo-Borja, has been nominated for the 2019 Extraordinary Teen Awards in the Bethesda Magazine. He has been learning BJJ with us since 2008 and we are very happy for him; he has achieved so much since then.
As a human being, Raphael is a kind, clever and mature young man. Like us, he is always there to give a hand and support others as much as he can. In his own way, he is helping the world around him to be better: a kind gesture (he is known for being quiet), a good and clever conversation or simply guiding other kids to do their best.
For all these reasons, we would like to see him succeed. We would sincerely appreciate if you could vote for him and ask others to vote as well. Having such exposure, such opportunity, hopefully will help him learn and achieve better things in his life, as his generation will lead the future and we will need great leaders then.

To vote, you will need the following information:
This is the link to vote:

Name: Raphael Caicedo-Borja

School; Our Lady of Good Counsel

Grade: 10th

Town he lives in: Rockville


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